Local Parents

Local parent: Laura in Notting Hill

Laura Rutherford a blogger and influencer. She has lived in Notting Hill for more than 10 years and has two sons, Harry, eight, and Stanley, three.

Describe your area in three words: Trendy, pretty and vibrant.

Coolest local coffee spot: It definitely has to be Coffee Plant on Portobello Road, mainly because it’s where all the locals hang out. The decor is by no means ‘cool’ and it’s pretty small inside, but I love it because it’s a real community hangout and apparently does the best coffee (but I’m a tea drinker!).

Best family-friendly restaurant: We’re pretty spoiled for choice for awesome restaurants where we live. The best ‘family’ ones are probably chains such as Honest Burgers or Zizzi, and not so much the independent restaurants – they’re better for the date nights.

Favourite park or green space: Definitely Holland Park for it’s wooded vibe, or Kensington Gardens for it’s vast open space and the Diana Memorial Playground – my boys love the pirate ship.

Best local museum or gallery: I love the V&A in South Kensington. We can either walk there through the park or jump on a bus or tube. In the summer the kids love the open courtyard with the water feature for paddling in.

Coolest local kids’ shops: We used to have the best local toy shop but it closed only recently. Our local Poundland is perfect for small pocket-money toys!

Favourite under-5s class/activity: My church, St Peter’s on Kensington Park Road, has the best drop-in toddler group, which runs from Tuesday to Friday. Penny has been running the group for over 30 years and the space inside the church is fab. There are lots of ride-ons, a baby area and opportunities for imaginative play. The best bit of all is Penny’s singing time; she’s got skirt twirling down to a T. The kids love it!

What makes your area great?: The immense sense of community. You see so many familiar, local faces through the week and then at the weekend it’s jam-packed with tourists from all over the world. Portobello Road Market can be a real treat if it isn’t too busy. We love to go down there, grab some street food and people-watch.

What’s the best thing about living in London?: The opportunities and having access to lots of amazing things on your doorstep.

And the worst?: Probably the biggest thing is the lack of space – space to live in, space to play in – and the lack of fresh air!

Follow Laura at @that_mummy_smile, @LJaneRutherford and laurarutherford.com

Photo credit: Laura Rutherford

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