Make mud pies and sandcastles at Holland Park toddler playground

What? Tucked away in the south-western corner of Kensington’s lush and leafy Holland Park, this well-kept playground is a safe haven for under-fives and their adults with its cute and colourful play equipment, tiny-person picnic area and injury-proof sandy terrain. Comprising two climb-and-slide structures, baby swings, a mini seesaw and a couple of spring rockers, this giant walled sandpit will keep little ones entertained for hours while you keep an eye from one of the many benches that line the perimeter. Should they need a break from climbing, sliding and mud-pie making, the adjacent pint-sized picnic huts offer the perfect place to refuel. Just be sure to pack sandwiches and a spade.

Where?: The playground is around a 13-minute walk from Holland Park (Central) and High Street Kensington (District, Circle) Underground stations, and around 10 from Kensington Olympia (Ginger).

Best Bits: Fifty(ish) square metres of soft white sand and an absence of unruly older kids poised to flatten your toddler.

Worst Bits: If, like mine, your child is a weirdo and doesn’t like sand then you’ll be a bit stuck here. I’m also really interested to know what happens with the sand when it rains. Does someone with a giant vacuum come along and suck it all up or does the playground turn into an extremely small-scale, music-free, toddler-centric recreation of Glastonbury? I need answers.

Facilities: Within the park there is a cafeteria and baby-change facilities for mummies and daddies (and nannies and mannies).

Would We Come Back?: I would say no since Bab is so freaked out by sand but if we’re ever going to go on a beach holiday and attempt any kind of relaxation ever again then she needs to get used to it, so yes.

Bab seeks sanctuary from the sand on her slide fortress at Holland Park toddler playground