Ride the yellow helter-skelter and shop vintage-look kidswear at Niddle Noddle

What?: Beautifully presented contemporary kids’ boutique with a cool vintage vibe. On sale is an adorable edit of toys, clothes, books and nursery decor, with many pieces sourced in limited batches from hard-to-find brands. Owners Eilidh and Katrine have discernibly considered Niddle Noddle through the eyes of shoppers big and small, with ridiculously cute clothes suspended at adult height for parents to fawn over and the majority of toys displayed on floor-standing shelves to catch tiny eyes. And if that doesn’t work then there’s a big yellow helter-skelter at the back of the shop that they can’t fail to miss – and parents will probably wish they had.

Where?: Central Crouch End, a 15-20 minute walk from Highgate (Northern), Crouch Hill (Ginger) and Hornsey (mainline). Crouch End is a bit of an arse to get to so you might as well make a day of it. Niddle Noddle is slap bang in the middle of the main shopping area and close to a variety of great bars, cafes and shops, including children’s hairdresser and shop Mini Kin, traditional toy shop Soup Dragon and child-friendly cafe Fifty-Five, which has a soft-play area.

Best Bits: If you find yourself being dragged in here by a thrill-hungry four-year-old wanting their slide fix and absolutely must buy something then there’s a great selection of pocket-money toys that won’t break the piggy bank. I’m also completely obsessed with their amazing selection of baby rompers.

Worst Bits: Only over-fours can use the slide. Boo.

Price Range: The most expensive item is a £235 bicycle. I can safely say I will never spend £235 on a bicycle for my daughter, or indeed myself. I would, however, probably pay £50 for a romper with cats on, which is how much you’re looking at for some of the more exclusive brands. It all depends on where your priorities lie I suppose. If you’re not into spending £££s on tiny child bikes or rompers made from less fabric than one cheek of your favourite period pants then for a couple of quid you can pick up enough kitsch plastic penny toys to keep your kids occupied ’til Christmas.

Did We Buy?: Yes, I bought Bab a bandana bib by Poudre Organic. It was £9.50, which seemed a bit steep for a glorified snot rag, but it’s really pretty and it’s about time we chucked away some of Bab’s old yellowing dribble bibs before they leave of their own accord.

Would We Come Back?: Yes! If only it was a bit easier to get to…


Bab decimates the beautiful display at Niddle Noddle, albeit quite daintily