Grab your toddler and throw some shapes at a Baby Loves Disco pop-up

What?: Turning up to Shoreditch Town Hall at 10am on a Saturday to sedately dance along to retro floorfillers with a bunch of under-sixes and their keepers is a curious experience. I struggle with dancing when I’m shitfaced, let alone when I’m stony sober, but somehow when you have a small person in tow all your social anxieties evaporate and you suddenly feel perfectly at ease dancing like a twat because no one cares remotely how cool you do or don’t look. Obviously Shoreditch parents are, on the whole, cooler than most, but then cool doesn’t really come into the equation when you’re all just trying to get through the morning tantrum-, shit- and injury-free.

We all really enjoyed this, our third baby-disco experience – mostly because it was by far the cheapest of the three, so we weren’t exactly expecting Creamfields circa 1999, and were pleasantly surprised when it was (for the most part) well-organised, with loads of activities, a decent yet baby-friendly soundtrack and a super-chilled, do-what-the-hell-you-like vibe. Bab was hypnotised on arrival by the dance-happy pop music and floor full of balloons, and remained entertained – with a bit of help from the dressing-up box, pop-up wendy house and free toddler snacks – until home-time. Me and Bab Dad managed to have a really nice time without resorting to the pre-lunch mimosas that were for some reason on sale, and were rewarded with a lovely two-hour nap when we got home.

Where & When?: We went to a Saturday morning disco at Shoreditch Town Hall, but BLD events take place all over the country – check the website for upcoming dates.

Best Bits: Very reasonable price for a thoroughly pleasant morning that will guarantee you a longish post-event nap.

Worst Bits: The bar situation was a bit disorganised and we had to wait about 15 minutes for a bottle opener to materialise, not that we were particularly bothered given that we were drinking virgin Coke.

Facilities: Our event had a crafty crown-making table, play tents, a dressing-up box, balloons, bubbles, face painting, and free healthy toddler snacks and drinks. There was also baby changing and a ticketed buggy park.

Cost: Tickets were £4 per walking person, with crawlers and babes in arms going free, though prices vary from venue to venue.

Would We Come Back?: Yes, although I think we’d all prefer an afternoon event next time.

Bab has a ball…oon at Baby Loves Disco, Shoreditch Town Hall.