Local parent: Alana in Enfield

Describe your area in three words: Leafy, North (nearly beyond The Wall), friendly.

Coolest coffee spot: Stantons has the best cakes (from Holtwhites Bakery) and coffee, as well as super-friendly owners. They have regular art exhibitions on the walls too.

Best family-friendly restaurant: Aksular in Enfield Town: so many free Turkish extras, the food is tasty and cheap, and they love a baby!

Favourite park or green space: Enfield Town Park was a bleary eyed stomp for me for a good few months, straight through to the library. Parks are here in abundance: Forty Hall Park and Estate, Hilly Fields and Trent Country Park to name but a few.

Best local museum or gallery: Somewhat niche but the Whitewebbs Museum of Transport is a rather quirky classic-car and model-railway museum. Otherwise, you can jump on the Overground to Hackney/Bethnal Green and within 20 minutes be at the V&A Museum of Childhood, which is my daughter’s favourite

Coolest kids’ shops: Tinker Tailor has lovely pieces and offers arty/mum-wellness-based workshops – wreath-making, etc.

Favourite under-5s class/activity: Movers and Shakers, Rhyme Time – all the classic library shenanigans. There are plenty of Tots & Toys groups in the area too – the one at St. Stephen’s Church Hall is lovely.

What makes your area great? It’s peaceful and friendly (people say a cheery hello to you on the way to the station every morning – where else does that happen?), and really, really well connected to East London so I can pretend I’m 26 and living right next to Chatsworth Market again

What’s the best thing about living in London?: The galleries, museums and theatres.

And the worst?: The cost. I wouldn’t necessarily chosen to buy a home in Zone 5 but there it is.

Photo Credit: Alana Wilson