Pretend you’re shopping for your child (when actually it’s for you) at eenymeeny

eenymeeny is now permanently closed.

What?: Contemporary lifestyle store offering a stunningly beautiful selection of clothes, books, toys and homewares for children aged 0-10. Think lovely clean white walls, uncluttered layout and expertly curated product, with everything on sale earning its place through quality, usefulness, uniqueness or cool-factor, and mostly all four. I can’t go in here without buying stuff. Last time I spent £12 on pompom party hats for my one-year-old’s birthday party. Totally ridiculous. She ate hers.

Where?: NW5’s buzzy Fortess Road, just across the street from the equally awesome Bear & Wolf. It’s actually scientifically impossible to visit one and not the other.

Discovery: We were on our way home from a coffee-and-crawl session at Bear & Wolf when I clocked the beautiful Spotty Cat by Le Train Fantome in eenymeeny’s window. We were then morally obligated to go in and purchase it.

Best Bits: Literally everything in here is really cool and beautiful. If you’re looking for unique gifts they’ll keep forever, this is where you’ll find them. If they don’t keep them forever then they’re ungrateful little shits who don’t deserve your gifts. You should just keep them yourself anyway; most of this stuff is too nice for clammy child hands.

Worst Bits: Admittedly some stuff is a bit on the pricy side but it’s not like you’re going to come here to do your weekly shop.

Price Range: £10-20 for a book – we loved “The Lines on Nana’s Face” (my mum liked it less); clothes from £15 for a spectacular pair of tights to £35 for a snazzy sweatshirt; toys range from a few pence for party-bag fillers to £135 for an absolutely top-notch monochrome teepee.

Would We Come Back? We go in here so much it’s getting a bit cringe.

Bab plays with Spotty Cat by Le Train Fantome from eenymeeny