Shop South Korean designer kidswear at the Greenberry Kids Pop-Up at Maison Auguste

What?: For one weekend only, silly-cute online boutique Greenberry Kids set up shop in Hampstead’s adorable Maison Auguste. The result? A cacophony of enraptured coos and squees as visitors lingered over rails filled with Monbebe bunny bonnet-and-babygrow sets complete with ears and fluffy tails; Opin Baby bloomers with a tiny tutu attached; Lala Bambi jumpsuits to transform your littles into human fawns; and Mini Dressing socks to magically turn tiny feet into pandas and pencils.

If none of these brand names are ringing any bells, that’s probably because you haven’t heard of them before. Everything on sale has been expertly selected and imported from South Korea by native Joo Heoun Lee, who was inspired to share her home country’s extraordinary kids’ clothes with a wider audience after her daughter Bee’s magical wardrobe received so many compliments from other London mums. And we’re so glad she did. Greenberry’s lovingly edited offer is not only stupidly gorgeous and beautifully made, but filled with the magic that only East Asian style can bestow. These are dress-up-box clothes for everyday wear; kids’ fashion that really lets them be kids. And what could be better than that?

Where & When?: This one-weekend pop-up has sadly already popped up and popped off again, but you can shop for cute Korean fashion to your heart’s desire on Greenberry’s lovely website.

Best Bits: Not only is everything on sale ridiculously gorgeous, but Joo and her team were so welcoming and lovely that Bab actually broke down in tears when we left. I also loved how beautifully they wrapped our purchases – it sounds silly but these are the things that keep customers coming back.

Worst Bits: Only the brevity of the bricks-and-mortar showcase, which I assume was a success given how packed the shop was when we showed up an hour before closing time on the final day.

Price Range: This is completely bewitching designer kidswear all the way from Korea, so don’t expect bargains. Clothes begin at £16 for a darling pair of bloomers, going up to £62 for a to-die-for Ae-hem Tyranno Raincoat that will turn your child into a freaking dinosaur. Accessories start at £4.50 for heavenly little hair clips, peaking at around £40 for a magical cape or a cool monochrome backpack with eyes.

Did We Buy?: We bought an Arim Closet hair clip in the shape of the cloud and a pair of Mini Dressing snake knee socks complete with forked-tongue toes. This was my attempt at exercising restraint.

Bab browses the Greenberry Kids collection at Maison Auguste, Hampstead.