Dadlands in Ealing: 2nd June 2022

Ealing is one of Britain’s oldest settlements, with archaelogical evidence indicating the presence of neanderthals in the area some 300,000 years ago. While property prices are probably a few orders higher in 2022, Ealing still feels like the kind of place you stick around in with its solid community vibe – something few London boroughs offer. Pitzhanger Manor, the jewel in Ealing’s crown, was built at the start of the 19th century and established a trend for moneyed Londoners taking respite in the quieter peripheries (one of the most famous names to do so in Ealing was Spencer Perceval, the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated).

While local history societies can tell you more about Ealing’s ghostly goss, we’re here to give you our top three suggestions for a day trip to the area, so let’s get to it.

Pitzhanger Gallery, W5 5EQ is hosting Rana Begum’s Dappled Light exhibition until September. Admission is £7 for adults and free for kids, and grants access to the rest of the manor. Supposing your little ones are interested in nature, there are several excellent trails aimed at over-5s in and around the grounds.

A Little Me Time, W5 3TA is a ridiculously cute play café offering books and games for older ones alongside plenty of early-years play equipment and fidget boards. The café itself offers authentic Taiwanese cuisine and bubble tea for the more advanced palate, and a children’s menu for those with very particular tastes. There is a small cover fee for admission, and booking requests are made via the website.

Walpole Park, W5 5EQ is the parkland behind Pitzhanger and was restored to its original glory through generous grants in recent years. The playground has enough equipment to tire the kids out, while the grounds themselves host beautiful flower displays, two ponds and a kiosk café. One of the few open spaces with free accessible toilets.

Ro admires Rana Begum’s Dappled Light at Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing.