Dadlands in Central: 3rd June 2022

I moved to London just over a decade ago and initially lived a desperately small triangle of existence. I’d go from home, to work, to the supermarket (ok, the takeaway) and repeat. When we had children our world opened up. As Bab’s Mum frequently attests, this is the best place to raise kids. There’s art, culture, activities, food and open space to celebrate everyone’s part in the world, and that can only better inform us and our young ones. If you’ve enjoyed these bit pieces from me and the girls, let us know and we’ll work out how to do more. Bab Dad out x

Somerset House, WC2R 1LA has perhaps the most appropriate exhibition for our final Dadlands Day Out. We’ve poked around different neighbourhoods this week and, fittingly, Gallery 31’s free ‘Piece of Mind‘ explores the domestic space experienced by a range of artists from different backgrounds. Entry is free and the usual Somerset House amenities are open. Also note the pocket playground in Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Jubilee Gardens, SE1 7PG is 10 years old but has had a recent playground update. It’s likely to be pretty busy this weekend but fortunately is big enough to accommodate most crowds. The surrounding green space and promenade will undoubtedly have a programme of street performers to make you feel a little touristy.

Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX is, by footprint, Europe’s largest arts venue. There’s plenty of stuff on year-round but this Friday promises to be hot and sticky, so head up to Level Two of the Southbank Centre for Jeppe Hein’s Appearing Rooms. The vertical rising and falling columns of water are the perfect spot to cool off after a jaunt around the river, while the food market on the other side of the Southbank Centre is a great place to stay fuelled until hometime.

Ro makes a stand at Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules at Somerset House.