Be spoilt for choice at eclectic Islington interiors store Molly-Meg

What?: A veritable Aladdin’s cave of beautiful, beautiful things for kids, from furniture and homeware to accessories and toys. With her kidswear-design background, owner Molly Price has an amazing eye for fresh, modern, well-designed products that kids and grownups will lose their shit over.

Where?: Essex Road; a stone’s throw from the National Rail station of the same name and a short walk from Highbury & Islington (Victoria and Ginger lines) and Angel (Northern). Worth combining with a trip to the brilliant Little Highness Play Cafe, just a 25-minute walk away.

Discovery: The shop is a top search-engine result for North London kids’ boutiques and has obviously built a sizeable fan base in the relatively short time it’s been open. We went for a browse and to pick up one of Happy Little Folks’ amazing contemporary Dala horses.

Best Bits: You’ll want to buy everything in here and I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. Probably not – especially if your kids are old enough to let you know when they want things other than a clean bum or a nap. Mine isn’t, and even though I pretended the horse thing was for her to play with it was totally for me to stick on my fireplace and stare at.

Worst Bits: It’s not a big shop but there is a lot of product, so be prepared to not fit inside very well with your buggy. Bab was in her tiny stroller and I still felt like we were a bit in the way.

Price Range: You can pick up some little accessories and toys quite cheaply but most of what’s on offer is pretty kerching. Totally worth it if you have the cash though.

Would We Come Back?: Absolutely – the next time Bab’s room needs an update.

Bab plays with wooden Dala horse by Happy Little Folks from Molly-Meg… but mostly just a packet of Huggies