Shop for one-of-a-kind designer kidswear at high-street prices at That’s Not Fair

What?: Formerly situated on Tufnell Park’s Fortess Road – in the very same space that was until very recently occupied by kids’ shop of dreams eenymeeny (RIP) – That’s Not Fair has just this summer relocated from NW5 to E8, having been closed for two years. Designed to help children develop “their fashion consciousness through innovative clothing that they can style and adapt to suit their own emerging tastes”, TNF’s design-led pieces have a distinctly grown-up vibe, veering away from the bright colours and simple shapes that define most high-street kidswear ranges. They are “the antithesis of today’s alarming trend for disposable fashion”, being sustainably made, built to last and inspired by traditional tailoring techniques, giving them an old-school – but incredibly chic – look.

It all looks and sounds pretty pricy, and yet TNF’s price tags are, in fact, preposterously fair – one might even say cheap. Inside the bright and airy store, own-label pieces are displayed together along one wall, with clothing by other local designers dotted around the space, plus a couple of baskets of wholesale-priced items from stores such as Next and Mamas & Papas, and a few super-chic handmade toys and accessories. Kids are encouraged to play and adults to rummage. A little blue car sits ready to be driven around the lino and youthful 72-year-old mannequin ‘The Boy’ perches on a shelf, poised to welcome tiny customers. The shop’s owner is possibly the friendliest person we’ve ever met, and chats away to me with Babu on her lap while I browse, even gifting her a grey fox purse she had her eye on – but not before she’d stuffed a pair of lollypops inside.

Where?: Dalston Lane, but don’t ask me what number – the internet doesn’t seem to want anyone to know.

Price Range: Barely anything is more than £25.

Best Bits: The owner is absurdly lovely, and I still can’t get my head around the cheapness.

Worst Bits: I tend to buy super-comfy jersey bits for Babu so I guess the own-label stuff is a bit fancier/more restrictive than what I’d generally choose.

Did We Buy?: We bought a sweatshirt and bunny bobble for Babu, and a babygro for the womb creature.

Would We Come Back?: Absolutely.

Mummy shops while Babu gets a cuddle at That’s Not Fair, Dalston.